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The block is HOT 😳 (via JordanCrammer/TW)
Good O or Bad D 🙃 @celeste620
Heard Youu 🗣SOUND ON 🤪 @i_hoop25 @samfuehring (via @espn)
BEST EVER 🔥🔥🔥 @yohomieangel (via ncaawbb/TW)
That's MY PG 💯 @celeste620 Highlighting DOPE 2019 McDonald's All Americans all month long @McDAAG #WhereTheFutureStarts
Green eggs and SHAM 🤮 @t.mg5 (h/t @passthaball)
TAG the coldest shooter you know 🥶 @sabrina_i (via @oregonwbb)
Most of y’all can’t even dribble with your left hand 😴 @samayacg
When he says, “Why you mad? We don’t even talk” 🙃 @lanayjhaashe
Ya go ahead and fix ya lil shoe 😴 @b.taniea (h/t @sh3gotgame, via @picvsso_)
Clean or Travel 🤔 @haleypeters (via @euroleaguewomen)
She really POINTED at her 😳 @sophiemorales8791