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What y’all think CHARGE or FOUL πŸ‘€ @mirwitthe_gear
You know they can BALL πŸ’― Full vid in bio πŸ‘€
I wanna be like OLIVIA MILES 😍 @_oliviamiles_
She crossed her in to her OWN TEAMMATE πŸ˜“ @1anamoleon
She playin with him πŸ€ͺ @cbg.tink
Y’all doing this πŸ‘€ @kameronstpierre (via @workhardertraining)
Don’t make Jada Williams MAD 😀 @cbg.jada3 @cbgetthers
HOWWWWW 😳 @borntoplay13
HOW SHE DO THAT 😳 @dshiya_jones
MY LEGS HURT 😳 @maddiepuskar (via @ballertv)
CHARGE OR NAH πŸ‘€ @_oliviamiles_
She really BOOMED THAT 🀩@missvol25