Sheduer Sanders CUTS UP Opposing Defense! LEADS His Squad To CHAMPIONSHIP Game


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Lmaooooo hello 😳 (h/t @allsportsbest)
Yes 911, I would like to report a crime 💀 @ethaneilertson (via @heirfootball) #throwback
Damn I could use a slip n slide today ⛸ (via Iamabnerdubar/TW)
MY BOY SENT THIS AND I’M SHOOK 😱 (via @will_carter13)
Y’all gotta stop doing this 😳 @iam_tygranger (via @beyondtheball_)
When my girl wanna go through my phone but I already deleted everything 😎 @presidentmal #TBT
My guy was HOMELESS before becoming the HULK 😈 @uno_nelly
AND WE HIT THE FIELD LIKE 🗣 (via codyhoerr/TikTok)
Zeke gotta leave the kids ALONE 😭 @ezekielelliott (via @maddensanmiguel)
AB and Derek Carr already looking GOOD 💰 @ab @derekcarrqb
50 yard FG BAREFOOT 😮 @d.yoon7