6’10” 8th Grader Jahzare Jackson Calls Zion Williamson HIS SON! Tells Lies About LEBRON 😱


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Rly brought a baby to a Lil Baby concert 🙄 (via @overtimewbb) @lilbaby_1
I can't mess with that 😶 @breabeal Who will be the McDonald's All American we share next?! @McDAAG #WhereTheFutureStarts
Ugh... Tacko really FELL 😶 @overtimeedits
THIS GAME WINNER IS CRACK 😮 (h/t @overtimefoh, via @matty_wu) @jeremylamb1
She’s 5’9” and throwing DOWN 😱 (via @overtimewbb) @706.kee
HOW DID DUKE WIN!? 😱 @zionlw10 @rjbarrett (via @marchmadness)
HOW HE CATCH THAT!? 🤯 @zionlw10 (via @marchmadness)
Damn Gronk retired and I’m UPSET 😖 (h/t @overtimeszn)
I been tryna tell y’all about TACKO 🏆 @tackofall99 (via @marchmadness)
TACKO IS DOMINATING RIGHT NOW 😵 @tackofall99 (via @marchmadness)
ZION vs TACKO 🚨 Who you got??? @zionlw10 @tackofall99 @theaccdn