TFUE Hosted Aircool & He JUMPED Out Of A Window 😱


Today on Team Overtime

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So our manager Miles thought it’d be cool to interview us while playing Super Smash Bros… and eating some chicken nuggets

Didn’t realize how hot the hot sauces were gonna be. We almost passed out at the end. Literally.

Romeo thought he could take the heat but…actually, just watch.

Anyways, check out the vid to learn about your boy, Aircool and how he ended up at the Overtime Gaming Mansion!
Yoooo @otspadess is feeling hyped!
Let’s f-cking gooooo! @otspadess gets FIRST and qualifies for Fortnite World Cup.
“They ain’t drop no loot in that $&@!” @draineotv
Need explosions... 💥
@inspyrefn had to hit ‘em with the @itsaircool special 🤪
This is the ages of those who qualified in week 1 of the Fortnite  World Cup. Ages 14 - 21. Sheesh! (Via fortniteBRlive / TW)
So @otspadess flies across the country to the team house, 48 hours later competes on a new set up and comes 1 place away from qualifying this weekend. YOU’LL GET IT bro. ✈️💪🏻🙌🎮
Who wants to come visit!?
Who are you bringing with you?
Go wish the big bro @mygofn a HAPPY 21st BDAY. Hbd and welcome to NYC.