Jonathan Lewis and Kwame Awuah Rip Shots in the Radar Gun Challenge!


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I WISH THIS WENT IN 😫 @rcamara20 @_jair11 @_.sergio80 (via @slbenfica )
Ulysses Llanez has 6 GOALS in 3 games for Wolfsburg U19s 🤯 @uly_soccer7 (via @fusmnt )
Yeah same 🙄 (via @tertnesalag )
I’m genuinely speechless 😧 @carlosv11_ (via @mls )
This freekick still keeps me up at night 😰 @pepi_ricardo #throwback (via @uslleagueone )
Passing is overrated anyway 🤐 (Via @s_0810_h )
85 Shot Power vs. 27 Awareness 🤦🏽‍♂️ @bilal_dzhabrailov
I’m gonna throw up 🤢 (Via @canal_11 )
When Timo scores, my heart is happy 😊 @timothyweah (via @fusmnt @losclive )
Keeper and defender are going to the store if y’all need anything 🏬 @ilaixmk (Via @fcbarcelona )
Ronaldo Camara is only 16 and already an ELITE playmaker 🦅 @rcamara20 (via @slbenfica )
Dest should start for Ajax, feel free to @ me I got time to argue today 🙃 @sgd_2 (via @afcajax )