Jonathan Lewis and Kwame Awuah Rip Shots in the Radar Gun Challenge!


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CTE FC’s newest signing 🤣 Tag a teammate who’s afraid to go up for a header 👥 (via sikhheil1930/tw)
@cmpulisic BLOWS by Antonio Valencia from a standstill 😳
That’s video game curve 🎮 @andres.jasson
@andreapirlo21 is about 75 years old and STILL making free kicks look effortless 🐐 (via auto_reflex tw)
4 guys couldn’t stop him 🗣 @satchelhart
@paulpogba you beautiful beast 🤩 (via @skysports )
*girlfriend goes through my phone* “Babe let’s try a trick shot in the yard” (via @celine.dept )
These are CHILDREN Eddie ☠️ @eddie_johnson7
I’m done with y’all 🙃 (via @rachidsko )
@gyasinho you meant to do that right? 🇺🇸
Idk what was better the pass or the bike 😶 (via thefigen TW)
Slow feet don’t eat 👟 (via @chelswhatelse )