Jonathan Lewis and Kwame Awuah Rip Shots in the Radar Gun Challenge!


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This is how Zidane must’ve felt coaching Madrid (via @officialports )
When you’re too good for that kick around your mates asked you to play in 😅🔥 @amere_king_
35 yards out? Not an issue 🚀 (via @gabefellows )
He ACTUALLY broke the defender’s ankles 🚑 (via @ardinho80 )
How I’m sliding into DMs lookin for a Valentine 💝 #tbt
Happy Valentines Day 💋 (via @palmers_fc )
Walking away before your free kick even goes in is a POWER MOVE 🏋🏽‍♂️ (via @austinlipman20 )
SONALDO STRIKES FIRST 🇰🇷 (Via @u.ulll15 )
4th times the charm right? 🍀 (via @mcrcentralfc )
Class act from United fans to buy DiMaria a beer to celebrate his victory at Old Trafford 🍻 @worldoflewis
*girl takes her boyfriends name out of her bio* Guys:
The wall said 🐸🐸🐸🐸 (Via Wleague TW)