YOU CAN'T SCORE ON THEM!! The Best Saves Of Day 1 At The GA Cup 🚨


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You and ______ 👥 (Via @errainadir )
Jayden Nelson is too shifty for you 💨 @jaydennelsonn
I SWEAR that was going top bins 🤯 @kailensheridan (via @saccvideo )
This WILL be my child 🤩 (Via @esh_sneesh )
Corner Flag: $40 🚩
Yellow Card: Worth it 📒
(Via @jphilbeck_ )
Anyone else call out a random players name before shooting? 🙋🏽‍♂️
Friendly reminder that Olivia Moultrie is 13 years old and has a better first touch than you 🌟 @olivia_moultrie (Via @insainztraining )
The homie Griffin Yow made his MLS debut today 🚨 @griffinyow
Nah if someone tries this against me I’m getting a red card on the spot 🛑 (Via @argsaf )
Corner: 🔝 Buss: ⬇️ @makelcampbell #weakfoot #whatweakfoot
Remember.This.Name. 🔥 @ousseni.bouda
The best goals of Matchday 6 of the 2019 GA Cup in Dallas, TX ⚽️