These Saves Are Legit INSANE!!! Goalies Turn Up In Day 3 At The GA Cup 😱


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Peter Crouch still looks elite 🚜 (via @medverk )
Josh Sargent is boutta tear up the Bundesliga this year 🤐 @_joshsargent_ (Via @werderbremen )
@reissnelson can you pls play CB? (Via @michaeltimbs )
Oh you got hands like that? 🧤 @gioareyna (Via @seahawks )
Holy split 😅 @fabra18 (via @lanumero12comar )
I am ALL IN on Emmanuel Sabbi goal celebrations 🤪 @emmanuelsabbi97 (Via @superligaen )
Gio Reyna in a BVB rondo 🤩 @gioareyna (Via @bvb09 )
Griezmann gets his Barca initiation 🥜 @antogriezmann (Via @fcbarcelona )
Legit no one:
IG Commenters: Come to Beskitas (Via @michaelwoodddd )
SHUT THE WHOLE GAME DOWN 🔥 (Via @xavidors1 )
Calm cool and composed 😎@raulruidiazm (Via @mls
Idol ➡️ Teammate 🤩 @takefusa.kubo @hazardeden_10 (Via @realmadrid )