Day 4 Of The GA Cup Got RIDICULOUS! These Moves Are CLEAN!!


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Nahh @belly10mvuka on 🔥
This kid in Bangkok juggles toilet paper for tips to pay for his education. The beautiful game is everywhere ❤️ (Via @chrismdwyer tw)
A referee in the Netherlands scored a goal by accident and LET IT STAND 😳 (via harkemaseboys/TW)
I don’t even have this many friends tbh 😐 @jordanthefreestyler
Its too easy for Liv 😴 @olivia_moultrie (Via @insainztraining )
Is João Felix worth €120 Million!? 💰 @joaofelix79
The US U20s work a BEAUTY against Ukraine 🤩 (Via @foxsoccer )
You know when the best in New York link up its boutta be a movie 🎥 @moderngoalkeeping @overtimemitch @itekkers
Waiting on Neymar to do this next season 👀 @eabskills 🔥
Mid-stretch and your teammate tees you up a perfect first timer 🤤 @overtimemitch (Assist from @itekkers )
Put that where nobody can touch it 🎯 @ashley.cherniawsky
BOASY 🔥 @ben_wilding01