“Being The #1 Recruit Puts A Target On Your Back.” Bryan Bresee Is The NEXT J.J. WATT 😤


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That’s a 600 LB SQUAT 😳 (via PressCrawford15/TW)
Sophomore really FLUNG THAT BIH 😳 @kaimaykash2x
Takes pre workout one time... 🤣 (via fuzzyfurr11/twitter) #TBT
Some coaches deserve this shit 🤣
I feel like a lotta REAL ATHLETES needa hear this today 💯 @giavanniruffin @etthehiphoppreacher #TBT
And y’all say lineman can’t catch 😮 (via jbthefreak/TW)
Will Grier just TORE UP his Pro Day 🔥 @willgrier7
Luke Laufenberg BEAT CANCER and is back playing 💯 @lukelaufenberg
Josh Griffis benching 440 as a JUNIOR 🤭 @joshgriffis_
585x5 on the SQUAT!? 💪🏽@tai.heem
TAKE IT FROM HIM 😈 @premiumsports_la @money.williams4
When you realize SPRING BALL is almost here 🤩 (via @sooner7v7)