The First Autistic Basketball Player To Get A D1 Scholarship. Kalin Bennett Has NO LIMITS!


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Told y’all don’t play with DIOR 🤭 @diorr
Can the 8th graders CHILL TF OUT 😳 @rayvongriffith
Bronny winding that up SCARY 😵
This ain’t even gonna do well but idc 😈 @greg.brown03
MIKEY WAS BORN IN 2004... 🤯 @mikey
Julian Newman has to WASH CARS⁉️ Tomorrow on Hello Newmans @juliannewman4
He told his daughter go get a BUCKET 😱 (h/t @overtimewbb, via TheeReal6/twitter) #throwback
DON’T MAKE ME POST THIS 🤯 @makurmaker1
That could’ve been WAYYY WORSE 🤭 @greg.brown03