LUCKIEST No Scope EVER!? OT Draineo, Spadess, Nikiski, Inspyre & Pacifist Teamtage #3 😱


Today on Team Overtime

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He wants to play with us so much he’s out here THIEVIN’ that switch 😂 🎮
We were bored so got a fishing pole and headed to the roof with a dollar bill. Craziness ensued. The thing with the 1 year old was pretty savage tbh. It was all cool though. Check that vid!
For you haters who say that Fortnite is dying we’re already cooking up the next great esport. Who’s in?
We qualified with this new controller. Right?
@aircool out here asking the kids about tfue... 👀
Our guy Aircool has been finishing Top 10 in Fortnite World Cup quals. Here's how he's doing it....
@inspyrefn gets this bug IN THE MIDDLE of World Cup qualifiers. And still pulls 7th... 😤
Aircool doing the AC special @aircool
@inspyrefn came back from the bathroom, climbed under the desk and then killed him while sitting on the floor with @ThreshFPS lmao
So we got abandoned in NYC with no money, phones or anything smh. Basically we had to get home BY ANY means necessary. So we resorted to some...questionable behavior. Watch that vid to see how we almost got arrested.
“Draineo you nasty AF”
wtf did I just watch? (via nanacool8/TikTok)