KILL EVERYONE! Our strategy for winning Fortnite duos


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I could just leave this post up all weekend and let you fight it out in the comments 🤪
Who finna come up to Brooklyn and play with @draineotv in the OT gaming house?
Only OG’s know where these dances are from s/o @youfunnyb
The triple boogie bomb baby #teamot
Harder in real life or in fortnite?
About customs... @overtimemegan #teamOT #otTFup
200 IQ @inspyrefn when he finally makes it through all the DM’s in discord.
Listen. Whether you are playing from your car or your room let me say something about tryouts. We are not epic games. We can’t offer a million lobbies. So all they offer is a custom and if you don’t get in we will have another and another lobby. We are trying to get every single person a tryout. But these are the ONLY tools we have. So we will keep having customs and tryouts over and over until you have a chance. Even if it takes us weeks and months. Appreciate your patience and know we mean this. You have my word. ❤️ you and 🙌 the support. Gotchu all fam. #teamot #otTFup
Tag your friend who’s this trash at Fortnite. 😂
We told you we were supporting the fans. Twenty fans went head to head on the edit challenge and one won by one second and took home the cash prize. Keep looking for events from Team Overtime #teamOT #otTFup
Thresh’s shadow rotations are insane. Like to free @threshfps from the shadow world 😂. #teamOT #otTFup
This is a dope edit done by OT fan @_sky.fx_ Should we do more edits line this? Lmk 🤷‍♂️