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Today on Team Overtime

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He got HYPE with this one 😱 @th3pacifist
I thought he was going to slam his headset 😂😂 @th3pacifist
@otspadess hit 40! How did you guys do this weekend?
How do we feel about this?
When you try to slide in their DMs but they got a boyfriend 😰😳 @threshfps
Get SH*T on! 😂  @otspadess
He STYLED on him 😱 @mygofn
The last clips are ACTUALLY INSANE 🤫🤫
WATCH until the end! He called the no-scope 🤭🤭 @th3pacifist
When you die in Fortnite #2 - Pac Rage 😤😤 @th3pacifist
He DESTROYED an entire PRO squad 😱 @otspadess
WORST change in Fortnite - Real talk with @otnikiski