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OvertimeToday on Overtime

@overtime on Instagram

I’m so happy about this 🤩 @cassiusstanley
Ja Morant came back to give his shoes to a little kid 😭 @igotgame12_ (via @mattnorlander)
BLUEFACE BABYYYYYY 😈 @bluefacebleedem
Sometimes you gotta put in the WORK 😳 (via @overtimeszn) @donchaneyjr @malikzaire8 @anttcavallo_performance
Ja Morant is 5-5 FROM THREE but Murray State getting smoked 😳 @igotgame12_ (via @marchmadness)
Your brain is gonna explode on April 6th 🤫 @juliannewman4 @jadennewman1
THE BEST KEPT SECRET 🤫 @jeremiah @McDAAG Who will be the 2019 McDonald's All American we share next?! #WhereTheFutureStarts
JALEN GREEN FULL ALIEN 👽 @jalen (via @halfaflip)
IT’S KYRIE IRVING’S BIRTHDAY 🍇 (FOLLOW @overtimeedits) @kyrieirving
WE NEED TO FIND OUR SON ZION 🤣🤣 Full vid in bio 🔥 (via @overtimelife) @cpav15 @malikzaire8
Lil Pump the next Tiger Woods 😮 @lilpump
Tacko was a BEAST last night 😤 @tackofall99 (via @marchmadness)

Overtime SZNToday on Overtime SZN

@overtimeszn on Instagram

Kardell OT Challenge TOMORROW 🚨 @kardellthomas @malikzaire8
How you flippin’ IN PADS 🤯 @m_lloyd_2
Greedy Williams really been through it 😱 @a_will2
Better just WATCH ME GO 💨 @c_vaughn22
PUNTER Tyler Newsome hit 30 reps of 225 bench 🤭 @85roger_that (via @ndfootball)
Jerry Jeudy is a straight SAVAGE 🗣 @_jeudy4
Don Chaney gonna put in the WORK 😳 Full vid in bio 🔥 @donchaneyjr @malikzaire8 @anttcavallo_performance
Gotta love a good CIRCLE DRILL 🔥 @texasfootball
That’s a 600 LB SQUAT 😳 (via PressCrawford15/TW)
Sophomore really FLUNG THAT BIH 😳 @kaimaykash2x
Takes pre workout one time... 🤣 (via fuzzyfurr11/twitter) #TBT
Some coaches deserve this shit 🤣

Team OvertimeToday on Team Overtime

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*NEW GUN* Wait for the end 😂😂 @itsaircool
When Fortnite players DIE! 😂 @th3pacifist Part 5
A Boogie Bomb and a dream! 💣🤭 @threshfps
How did you guys do in this today? 🤔 @otspadess @crimzfn with 1st!
That 2nd kill was INSANE 🤫😱
What’s your highest kill game? 🤔 Comment below!
Could you EVEN SEE that guy?! 😵 @ot_divine
When Fortnite players die... 😂😂 #part3
What will season 8 bring!?
He really went and did this 😂😭
When Fortnite players die 😂 pt. 2 @th3pacifist
WELCOME @itsaircool to Team Overtime!

Overtime FCToday on Overtime FC

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CTE FC’s newest signing 🤣 Tag a teammate who’s afraid to go up for a header 👥 (via sikhheil1930/tw)
@cmpulisic BLOWS by Antonio Valencia from a standstill 😳
That’s video game curve 🎮 @andres.jasson
@andreapirlo21 is about 75 years old and STILL making free kicks look effortless 🐐 (via auto_reflex tw)
4 guys couldn’t stop him 🗣 @satchelhart
@paulpogba you beautiful beast 🤩 (via @skysports )
*girlfriend goes through my phone* “Babe let’s try a trick shot in the yard” (via @celine.dept )
These are CHILDREN Eddie ☠️ @eddie_johnson7
I’m done with y’all 🙃 (via @rachidsko )
@gyasinho you meant to do that right? 🇺🇸
Idk what was better the pass or the bike 😶 (via thefigen TW)
Slow feet don’t eat 👟 (via @chelswhatelse )

@overtimewbb on Instagram

The block is HOT 😳 (via JordanCrammer/TW)
Good O or Bad D 🙃 @celeste620
Heard Youu 🗣SOUND ON 🤪 @i_hoop25 @samfuehring (via @espn)
BEST EVER 🔥🔥🔥 @yohomieangel (via ncaawbb/TW)
That's MY PG 💯 @celeste620 Highlighting DOPE 2019 McDonald's All Americans all month long @McDAAG #WhereTheFutureStarts
Green eggs and SHAM 🤮 @t.mg5 (h/t @passthaball)
TAG the coldest shooter you know 🥶 @sabrina_i (via @oregonwbb)
Most of y’all can’t even dribble with your left hand 😴 @samayacg
When he says, “Why you mad? We don’t even talk” 🙃 @lanayjhaashe
Ya go ahead and fix ya lil shoe 😴 @b.taniea (h/t @sh3gotgame, via @picvsso_)
Clean or Travel 🤔 @haleypeters (via @euroleaguewomen)
She really POINTED at her 😳 @sophiemorales8791

@overtimefr on Instagram

KILLIAN TILLIE a fait ça les yeux fermés. Mais genre vraiment 😵😵 @kill_till_33 (h/t zagsmbb)
The ARROW à Paris @french__i
Pour récompenser votre fidélité nous organisons encore une fois un concours pour vous permettre de gagner un long sleeve (tee-shirts à manches longues) Overtime cette fois-ci pour vous démarquer à l’échauffement 😏

Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de poster une vidéo de vous en train de jouer au basket dans votre story en identifiant @overtimefr et 2 amis et commenter la taille souhaitée sous ce post

Règles :
- commenter votre taille de tee-shirt sous le post
- poster une vidéo de vous entrain de faire du basket en tagant @overtimefr et 2 amis (vous pouvez aussi reposter un post d’@overtimefr en story)
- Le concours prends fin Lundi soir
Une année de plus pour @navybball , joyeux anniversaire à lui ! 🎉💦 (1v1 avec @mcmoney20 )
#NBAprospect Jaylen Hoard est un leader explosif, un défenseur polyvalent et athlétique. 🌟 Nous le surveillons de près pour voir ce qu’il va faire dans le futur 💫 @jaybooggy (via @wakebasketball )
#TB Regardez ce trésor qu’on vient de retrouver😱
Devinez qui est le petit bonhomme en rose⬇️... vous l’avez sans doute déjà vu quelque part !
** oui, c’est @hoopsidia Il a pas tellement changé si ? **
😮 Il est de retour une fois de plus 😮 @jj_01s
#Concours .
« Quand tu ................................ »

Le commentaire le plus liké remporte un Bracelet OVERTIME ! 😱@__begzz__ 😱
Sur celui là c’est @yves_airpons qui est au dunk 🇫🇷 Les Tennessee Vols ont été les premiers à faire le dunk en équipe qui est devenu virale 🤩 #oneflyallfly
Tu rentres pas dans la raquette de @french__i comme ça gars 🎯🏹 Belle victoire de Paris Basket 🏆 #arcfam
Petite démonstration de @mcmoney20 💥🔨 Dites nous en commentaire ⬇️ quel dunk vous avez préféré 1, 2 ou 3 ?
#dunk #dunks #basket #overtime #basketball #basketballneverstops
🙈 @athxkela

@overtimecan on Instagram

Mom, can you come pick me up? 😵
I’m standing in the streets SCREAMIN’ 🗣 @manyang.tong @npacanada
Why tf would you JUMP⁉️ @akoiyuot @npacanada
FUTURE SO BRIGHT 😎🤩 @iamelijahfisher @jahcobiii
@manyang.tong GOING OFF 😱 @npacanada
when she take down pics of her mans @denzelcummins
he a killer from the wing 🏹🏹🏹 @voorpool
he got me good styll @jahwuann
Assassin 😈😈 @marialshayok

@overtimeind on Instagram

@princepal_15 with the steal and the dunk 😤🇮🇳
(h/t- @nbaacademy )
@6eardedking is a walking bucket 🔥🙌
(h/t- @doit4the6 )
@amjyot.gill is a beast 🔥🙌
(h/t- @jujules____ )
The future is here @dribbleacademy 🔥🅾️
(h/t- @handleready )
MZU Sports 2019 (HBC vrs GAC )
Hustle for the ball is real 🔥
(h/t- @cmalsawmkima )
@ohlanmanik is something else ☠️
wait for it ...
tag some dunkers 🔖
cisf ballers are rad 🔥⭕️
tag your squad if you think you can beat them .
youngest player to ever play for India in basketball 🏀. That’s @shireenlimaye95 for you.
@rajivroy764 highlights against cisf. 
He has represented Indian team various times. OT india wishes him all the best for the future.
what’s going on here ? 🙄
(h/t- @talwinderjitsinghsahi )
@amjyot.gill making India proud 🇮🇳🚀
we wish him all the best 
let’s gooooo
(h/t-@8eyemedia ,@ballbeyond )
@jogi4bball @rajivroy764 @overtimeishu

@overtimeedits on Instagram

TAG @kyrieirving and say Happy Birthday! ⚔️⚔️🔥🔥 #throwback
Will Tacko FALL!? 🤪
Where’s Dirk rank on your ALL TIME list?? 🧐
I freakin love JA MORANT 🤩 @igotgame12_
I’M JUST SO HYPED FOR MARCH MADNESS‼️ @rjbarrett @jb.studios
BEST DRose moment this season?? 🥀 @overtimefoh @sagergraphics
HERRO NEXT 🗣 @nolimitherro
WYA Jordan McCabe fans!? 👀 @jordanmccabe5
Jalen Green TAKING OVER 🤮 @jalen @overtime

@overtimefoh on Instagram

TRAE FOR THE WIN 🚨 @traeyoung
BOOGIE 😳 @boogiecousins
Uncle Drew skippin’ through that lane 🤩 @kyrieirving
Who’s your MVP!? 🏆 @jharden13
Charge or block? 🧐 @kingjames
Showtime 🚀 @rjbarrett (via @marchmadness)
Ja Morant makes my life better 💯 @igotgame12_
JA IS A STAR 💫 @igotgame12_
Trae got the BURNER 🔥 @traeyoung
TWO INSANE DUNKS 🦊 @swipathefox
When Steph gonna start dunking in games though!? 🤔 @stephencurry30
THE MADNESS HAS BEGUN 🤯 @igotgame12_

@overtimelife on Instagram

“I’m looking for my son” 🤣🤣🤣 @cpav15 @malikzaire8
YOU GUYS ARE MAKING US LOOK BAD 🙄 @overtimetae @overtimesam @overtimemikey
I wanna BE LIKE MIKE 🍯 @overtimemikey @betterbounce
Larry and Trey took it to the STREETS 💯 Full vid in bio! 🎥 @overtimelarry @overtimetrey
She thought Trey was ZION 😭😭 @overtimetrey @zionlw10
OT BEST VIDS Bracket 🎥🔥 Watch @overtime’s story to vote!
Good thing Sam doesn’t have a date tn 🤪 @overtimesam
OT Final Four MERCH GIVEAWAY 🔥 Hit link in bio to win 🚨 @overtime
WHAT A CRAZY DAY‼️🔥 @overtime @msgnetworks #OTxMSGN
Larry’s VALID 💙🧡 and we’re hanging with LEBRON 🔥 Link in bio! @overtimelarry @overtime @msgnetworks #OTxMSGN
Knicks vs Lakers THE OT WAY‼️ TODAY 12PM ET 🔥 @overtime @camronsmith @mcnuttmonica_ @filayyyy
OT OVER EVERYTHING‼️⭕️ @overtimetae @overtimelarry @overtimemikey @overtimesam @overtimemitch